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Welcome to Nigerian Movie World, the leading African movie community, auditions and jobs website for actors, models,dancers, photographers, stylists, crew, and musicians in NOLLYWOOD NIGERIA.Experience Nollywood.

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  • Nigerian Movie World

    I'm the lead designer at fidelity interactive. We make you look good at a not-so-high cost. We are ready to listen to your design needs

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  • Hello. I'm Matt.

    I'm the lead developer at fidelity interactive. I like working with Wordpress and Joomla for turnkey projects and my strong areas are PHP and JS.

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  • Hey there! I'm Brandon

    I'm the CEO at fidelity interactive. I'm an all rounder in a couple of things with specifics to none. Most of all, I love my payslip

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  • Hi, I'm Claudia

    I make sure all guys at the office have coffee on their desks. A lot happens in a day at the office; I'm glad to be part of the team.

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Join our community and meet new friends online,music stars and others from all over the world to discuss music,movies,sports and much more.

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